teachers described him as agitated and distracted, and he increasingly withdrew from relationships with peers and activities. His parents called their pediatrician, who referred the child for well as Southey and De Quincey) was influenced by such hallucinations. This is explored by Alethea Hayter in her bookOpium and the Romantic Imagination and by Eva Brann in her magisterialThe World of the Imagination: Sum and Substance. One would think that the sudden appearance of an entirely new quality of sensation or perception might be confusing or frightening, but Sue seemed to adapt to her new world with remarkable ease. She was startled and disoriented at first, and had to calibrate her new visual perception of depth and distance with her actions and movements. But for the most part she felt entirely and increasingly at home with stereoscopy. Though she continues to be conscious of the novelty of stereo vision and indeed rejoices in it, she also feels now that it is“natural”—that she is seeing the world as it really is, as it should be. Flowers, she says, seem “intensely real, inflated,” where they were “flat” or “deflated” before. “indubitable” and “is also probably present…”: Cahill 1978.


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